About Me

Hi, I’m Julie. On this site you can find my links, projects, articles, or contact me!

Some random facts about me:

  • I grew up around Lausanne, Vaud in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.
  • As the time of writing, I am 26 years old.
  • I am a woman and I use she/her pronouns, or more generally the feminine grammatical gender when applicable.
  • I graduated EPFL with a Master’s degree in Cybersecurity.
  • I first learned to program in 2009 with Apprendre à programmer avec Python by Gérard Swinnen.
  • I have been using NixOS Linux since 2019 and have contributed to Nixpkgs.
  • I type on a TEK 227 mechanical keyboard with aftermarket Kailh red switches.
  • I play capture-the-flag competitions with polygl0ts and 0rganizers in 2021 and am still active.
  • I founded West Ham Defence Audit Group, a blockchain security firm.
  • Baby Jubjub is a cryptographic construction, namely a zkSNARK-friendly elliptic curve defined in ERC-2494.
  • My avatar is a photo of my rainbow fish plushie at Insomni’hack CTF 2023.
  • The Bibliothèque nationale de France will safeguard a snapshot of this website for future generations.
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